my roots

I’ve always been working in design, and I’ve been loving it ever since.
Back in 2013 I started being tired of wearing names and brands, as I was losing sight of the accessory itself.
I wanted to create something you could recognise for its quality, design, craftsmanship, sustainability.

The idea is to choose shoes for shoes’ sake, not for their name nor for the logo.

It all starts with a walk

Every new collection starts with a long walk. There’s no particular place, I just choose somewhere I’ve never been and start wandering. Every step is a way of defining the shape of my next inspirations.

Pencils, materials, colours

Back home, it’s time to put pencil to paper. My main inspiration comes from underground street style and board sports.

After sketching, I choose the materials that fit my idea and start mixing colours and shapes.

How shoes are made

I want nameless sneakers to be made by Italian shoemakers, so that every single shoe can tell the story of generations of artisans and their know-how.


I do my best to keep as sustainable as I can. nameless shoes are only produced with high quality stored materials from local tanneries and textile companies.

Real made in Italy

nameless shoes are entirely handcrafted by Italian shoemakers. I sketch the idea, they craft it from the model till the cut, assembly and decoration.

Only a few of them

Being handmade, each collection has a limited availability. It's a practical choice, that adds value to their distinctiveness.

I am Gianpiero

My name’s Gianpiero Esposito, and there’s a thin line between me and nameless. We are almost the same thing, because all I see and do sooner or later will turn into a pair of shoes.

Here’s a few more things about me.

walking is knowing

I get the real essence of the places I see, as long as I keep the right pace, or I may miss something.

I smell prototypes

My first reaction to a prototype is to smell it. Sounds like a mania? It is, but it helps me check the overall result.

I live in Naples

It’s my hometown. There are so many hues to everything and it’s so lively I couldn’t wish being born anywhere else.

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